Dot's Famous Sour Cream Pound Cake Recipe

 "Miss Dot" Mama
Her pound cake has made it to a Nashville Tv Talk Show
It was sold for countless years at The Forest Lake Strawberry Field
Given away to hundreds and loved by all.

Prelude to: Dot's Sour Cream Pound Cake

Dorothy "Miss Dot" to most people 
my Mama well our Mama

She is the Mother to most of the neighborhood
She always has been and continues to be.
She has fed, listened to, put up with so many
rowdy kids in her lifetime.

Dolly's Simple Giveaway: in the Kitchen with Cecil Holiday Cookbook 2011


Dolly's Simple Giveaway

In The Kitchen with Cecil
Holiday Cookbook  2011
Cecil Chandler
WPDE News Channel 15 ABC

Proud Supporters of the
March of Dimes

Proceeds of these book sales go to
The March of Dimes

Rules for giveaway:

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Everyone can enter so please do so......

This books has loads of recipes and all appear to be delicious.

I have one recipe in this book that was my Grandmother Johnson's.....

She would be so proud!

Thank you for entering and support The March of Dimes.

Our Sewing Class

Ms. Bonnie gave each of us a scissor pouch she had made.

We had such a great time in this sewing class.  Bonnie our teacher was such a sweet lady. We did learn a lot and being together was so much fun.  A good gathering with lots of laughter. Join us if you will.

Thanksgiving Clay Nutcracker Pilgrim

Many years ago I made this rough looking character from clay.
I think I saw the original in a Lillian Vernon Catalog.
I found him to be so ugly he was cute, so I had to make my own.
He has taken on a life of his own.
I have moved three times and he has had a place in
each home at Thanksgiving.
The family loves it.
It is almost that time of year so I will share
this little Pilgrim with you all.

Bragging on Carly

Carly is my oldest daughter.  She has started to sew also.  When she purchased the wonderful sewing machine for me,she bought herself another version of Viking.
She has already made little Phillip a Halloween Apron with ghouls and gobblins on it...very cute.

He is a Frankenstein helper

Bragging On Catie

My children are very talented. I know parents brag about their children.
I am guilty of not bragging enough, maybe I take for granted their talents and abilities.
Plus I was raised with rules like it is not nice to toot your own horn and such.
I was told it is not nice to brag.
Guess I carried that over to my children.
I need to remedy that so today's the day for bragging.

I mentioned on my sewing blog that the girls and I were going to sewing class.
I have sewn my entire life.  In school we had a very strict Home Economics Teacher. When she taught you something you didn't forget it. She really was a great teacher.

"Catie" Catherine

Catie the younger of the two girls was born with certain talents and abilities.  From the time she could sit up and be trusted to sit beside me in the sewing room she would sew. She collected my scraps almost before I could cut them from the patterns. When she was 3 I would cut strips and she would tie the scraps and actually make glamorous outfits for her baby dolls.  At the age of 4 I gave her a needle, a very large, not so sharp needle and a not so sharp pair of school scissors.  She would cut and form fit at the clothes for her Barbie Dolls. They would look amazing, they were. She continued to do this on up into teen years. Sketching and sewing.  I always thought she would be a designer, and she may be yet.

This is what she made me for my recent birthday

She has only had 5 sewing classes

a zipper!

The detailing is excellent!

Not only did she make a purse with coordinating lining but she made a wallet to go along with it.

Our grandmothers always taught us to never give away a purse
without putting money inside.
It would not be proper to do so.

Great Job Catie!  I am impressed!
Thank you honey.

She sure did an excellent job didn't she?

Red Lobster's Cheddar Biscuits

This is a wonderful recipe 
     They do taste like the Red Lobster Cheddar Biscuits.  

Happy Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day Chuck

Chuck was in Vietnam Phu Bai, RVN to be exact

He was in  the 8th Radio Research Field Station
They were at the time called The Army Security Agency
It has now been changed to
 Military Intelligence

Chuck in Vietnam — with Jack Hearne, John, Mike, Charles Sarrio and Ernie Ernst.

 Running to keep their minds occupied.

8th Radio Research Field Station

This unit was non existent.
But they did indeed exist

A definitive map of the  8th RRFS

some of his patches

1.  MACV   2. Dress MACV    3. Army Security Patch

MACV is Military Assistance Command Vietnam

When Chuck left Vietnam he spent the rest of his Army days at

I met him during this time and spent about 3 months there myself..
I guess that all of this led to his career in law enforcement.

I am so proud of you Chuck.  Thank you for what you did in your service to our country, in spite of the fact that you had to do so in secret.

One of My Hero Veterans

My Daddy has always been my hero! I think all little girls believe that their daddy is just some super hero. In most cases they are. If we are one of the lucky ones to have such a daddy who truly is, that is great! I was blessed with just such a person. Today I talk of him and history.  You might be surprised at what you'll read.

Honor Flight From South Carolina

My Father-In-Law and Hero  Carey Shealy, Sr.

Carey Shealy, Sr.

Has just returned home from Washington, DC
He took this trip courtesy of The Honor Flight of South Carolina
I was as excited as he for this opportunity.
It is wonderful for these WWII soldiers to have this chance
Thank you Honor Flight!

ship he was stationed on.

There are so few of these heros left and It is an honor for them to be able to go and see this.
This is a memory they will keep with them forever.

Genolia's Cornbread Dressing

Ratliff Family Here is Genolia's Dressing Recipe

My children's grandmother
such a dear sweet mother in law too
Mother of Randy

I have to say that I have been very blessed with
having two of the most loving mother in laws
in my lifetime.

Spotlight: Cottle Farms

Some people come into your life and change it for the better.  
The Cottle Family is just one such family that came into our lives and made them better. 
Great memories and fun times.

I recently did the series of Farmers Market Festival Posts. 
In them I told you of how sweet and happy people are when they are at Farmers' Markets.
You might wonder how I knew that; other than the obvious.
It is because I worked at one of the happiest places in the world.  
It happened to be in my side yard and was a strawberry field
I spent the better part of my young adult life there. Over 20 wonderful years.

My children grew up in it and it will always be a part of us.
Carly was 2 years old and later did a TV Commercial for them
Catie from an infant played in the huge empty bucket boxes under the shed

But I am getting ahead of myself..

One day a handsome man, his absolutely beautiful wife and young son came to visit us. They had a daughter, but she wasn't with them that day.
The son admired Randy's corvette. I am going to embarrass the young man now and say he was cute as a button looked like a Ken doll.

They spoke about searching, flying over the property and saw the lake.
Forest Lake has always been beautiful
But it would serve as irrigation for many, many years to a beautiful strawberry field.
Forest Lake Strawberries

October has just left us and it always makes me think of strawberry planting time.

If you are in our area then you know where the local Cottle farm is located.
Between Timmonsville and Florence 
On Hwy. 76, W. Palmetto St. and
just beyond the I-95 exit.
They have many more locations also.

If you have tried their products then I don't have to tell you a thing.  You definitely should if you haven't.  You will see just how delicious their fruits and vegetables are.
 I like to share good things with you.  Cottle Farms is a good thing. 

Remember when I said the couple with the young son came to visit to talk of farming? 
Well the young son was Ron Cottle

For the wonderful history of Cottle Farms
visit the link below:
Office:   (910) 267-4531  or   (910) 267-1836
Fax:   (910) 267-0156

Link to new story about Ron's newest venture
check it out

A Stitch in Time

I have two beautiful daughters, and also have a love for sewing.  Carly my oldest would stand behind me in the chair I was sitting in sewing most nights. She would brush and play with my hair and we would talk and talk the night away.

Billy Graham Live Stream

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